Waterwise Plants – Interview

Waterwise Plants – Interview

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By Emily Briggs and Tay Chambers

See the Waterwise interview of Emily Briggs the Marketing and Events Planner at The Sprucery.

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We believe having a diverse combination of low-water plants and materials that create a beautiful and waterwise landscape is an important aspect The Sprucery Garden Center and The Sprucery Scapes offers our customers and community at large. We use this approach in our xeriscape designs.


Waterwise plants don’t just have to be cacti, it encompasses any plant that has lower supplemental water needs. Once established they can thrive in our landscape of low precipitation.


Waterwise plants are not only good for saving water, but they can be great pollinators. These plants attract not only bees but butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, bats, and hummingbirds.


Waterwise plants need half as much water as regular ones. Therefore, if you normally water your garden 4 days a week, once established your waterwise plants will only need watered 1 or 2 days a week 1 inch of water at a time.


Honestly it depends on your area and the annual rainfall that you receive. Therefore, based on that there is a wide variety to choose from that you can find either by searching on the web or come visit us!


We believe it is never too late to plant. We plant all year long and as long as you are giving them the water the plant needs to establish itself. Therefore, any season has its own benefits.


Our philosophy at The Sprucery Scapes is Inspire, Design, and Create. To us this means: “You will be able to have an outdoor space that inspires you in all aspects of your life. This will design and create the life you dream of living. To see the relaxing, satisfying outcome from the creativity and hard work that you put in.”

To follow the landscaping design journey join us on Instagram at www.instagram.com/thespruceryscapes or learn more here.

As a result, our expectation is to not only give our customers a retreat but also a space that ignites their creativity and shows others who they are. We thrive on giving the best possible service. We know how valuable having someone help you express your vision is. Therefore, this not only means that our customers can feel safe in the product that they receive from us but that they can also feel comfortable in always reaching out if they need any help now or in the future to come.


With over 15 years of expertise serving the Parker, Castle Rock, and Franktown regions, The Sprucery boasts 12,000+trees (including a large evergreen selection) and the ability to design, install, and maintain landscaping, The Sprucery Garden Center has always been so much more than a full-service tree nursery.

After visiting The Sprucery Garden Center and experiencing what they have to offer, you will have learned something new and be able to grow your favorite trees, shrubs, and flowers. Subsequently, this results in an outdoor space you can truly admire. Also to follow their journey join on Instagram at www.instagram.com/thesprucerygardencenter or the website here. Other blogs can be found here.

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