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    • The factors listed above will affect just how much to water your plant and how often you need to be watering. The important thing to know is that the entire root ball should be saturated each watering. And the plant should never be allowed to dry out completely.
    • We encourage you to hand water for the first two weeks. This will help you gauge how much that tree, shrub, or plant needs to be watered and how often. By participating in this process, you will be able to set your drip irrigation to fit the needs of the plant material involved. For measuring the amount of water, use a container with a defined size. An example of this would be a 5-gal orange Home Depot Bucket.
    • On average, you will be watering 3-5 times per week. You will be watering more often if high wind, high heat, full sun or a looser soil VS. less often in low wind, low heat, less sun, compacted clay soil, or poor drainage.
  • Trunk Size 1.5” = 15 Gallons Per Week = 2 Gallons Per Day or 5 Gallons 3x Per Week
  • Trunk Size 1.75” = 17.5 Gallons Per Week = 2.5 Gallons Per Day or 6 Gallons 3x Per Week
  • Trunk Size 2.0” = 20 Gallons Per Week = 3 Gallons Per Day or 7 Gallons 3x Per Week
  • Trunk Size 2.5” = 25 Gallons Per Week = 3.5 Gallons Per Day 8 Gallons 3x Per Week
  • Trunk Size 3” = 30 Gallons Per Week = 4 Gallons Per Day or 10 Gallons 3x Per Week
  • Trunk Size 3.5” = 35 Gallons Per Week = 5 Gallons Per Day or 12 Gallons 3x Per Week
  • Trunk Size 4” = 40 Gallons Per Week = 6 Gallons Per Day or 14 Gallons 3x Per Week

    For Evergreen trees a similar scale can be referenced using the trees height instead caliper.
    5’-6’ = 15 Gallons,  7’-8’ = 25 Gallons,  9’-10’ = 35 Gallons,   11’-12’ = 45 Gallons and so on.

For Drip Irrigation System ONLY
Drip – Set to water 30 min per day (drip is not on watering restrictions so can run as often as you need) Emitter sizes per perennials, shrubs, and trees

  • (1) 1gph emitter for #1 size perennials / grasses
  • (1) 2gph emitters for #3/ #5 size shrubs / grasses
  • (2) 2gph emitters for 1.5”-1.75” / 5’-6’
  • (3) 2gph emitters for 2.0”-2.5” / 7’-8’
  • (4) 2gph emitters for 3.0”-3.5” / 9’-10’
  • (5) 2gph emitters for 4.0”-4.5” / 11’-12’

For Clumps add sizes of each trunk to calculate correct watering amount.
Plus, in the Summer, water once a week in addition to drip, give it a deep soak by hand watering.

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