For Immediate Release – A New Arrival

For Immediate Release – A New Arrival

Sully The Sprucery Sasquatch
The Sprucery Garden Center


Emily Briggs, Marketing and Events Planner, The Sprucery, 720-583-8119, [email protected], [email protected],


Franktown, CO, September 27, 2023 — Franktown’s The Sprucery Garden Center, is excited to announce the new arrival of Sully The Sprucery Sasquatch. The Sprucery Team commissioned the wood carving skills from Johnny Busby the Artist and Owner of Buzzsawbusby Chainsaw Arts. Johnny said, “It was an honor to create Sully.”


Sully is here to continue building out the garden center’s objective of being a local destination business. Our goals are to be a place for amazing plant material, teaching about plants, experiencing what is possible in an outdoor space, hosting events, and coming back from season to season. As a result, we are sure that Sully The Sprucery Sasquatch will be a fan favorite for years to come within the community. Therefore, come on down to get your picture with Sully.


Johnny Busby has shaped his craft over the years. “With time and much practice my carvings developed to become what they are today. Much credit is to be given to all the other carvers I have had the privilege of meeting and learning from through the years. I am blessed to be the father of four bright and talented children that I feel every piece I make is for them.” You can find more information about Johnny Busby’s work and contact information here.


With over 15 years of expertise serving the Parker, Castle Rock, and Franktown regions, The Sprucery boasts 12,000+trees (including a large evergreen selection) and the ability to design, install, and maintain landscaping. The Sprucery Garden Center has always been so much more than a full-service tree nursery. After visiting The Sprucery Garden Center and experiencing what they have to offer, you will have learned something new and be able to grow your favorite trees, shrubs, and flowers. Subsequently, this results in an outdoor space you can truly admire. Also to follow our journey join on Instagram at or the website here. Other blogs can be found here.

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