Spring Blooms with Flowering Trees

spring blooms

Spring Blooms with Flowering Trees

By: Tay Chambers and Greg Zabikow – Spring Blooms

The Sprucery Garden Center is so much more than a full-service nursery. It is a destination. We have 20 acres for you to explore, a one of a kind 200-foot waterfall, immersive landscape displays, and a selection of plant material you won’t find elsewhere. We’re located in the Franktown area and have helped gardeners create their dream landscapes for more than 16 years. Why? Because we love plants and trees as much as you do. Therefore, come visit the best tree nursery and garden center in the Parker, Franktown, Elizabeth, and Castle Rock Colorado area. You will be able to learn, grow, and admire your garden space. We can help you with your spring blooms flowering tree needs.

Japan and Washington DC, what do these two places both have in common? The wildly popular and abundantly beautiful cherry trees. Have you ever wanted to see them in person? I have been to Japan for this amazing experience and Washington DC is next on my list. Many people would never know you can experience the beauty of a cherry tree in their own yard. Kwanzan, Yoshino, Pink, Weeping. These are just some of the many varieties of cherry trees to admire. But which ones will thrive and flourish in our area, you ask?




Most widely known and admired for its aesthetic look is the Pink Flair Cherry. Lover of sun and water. This admirable pink flowering tree emits an enticing fragrance which will have anyone asking about it. It provides yearlong appeal. Once established it is drought tolerant.


You may not know that it’s not just cherry trees that will give you that gorgeous spring blooms. Here in Colorado we have so many varieties to choose from of trees that will give you the flowers in spring. Ranging from colors of, white, light pink, dark pink, and smells of enticing warm fragrance or even no fragrance at all. Depending on your preference there’s a gorgeous tree waiting for you.

Let us look at a couple of examples that may meet your needs.


This beautiful Dark pink flowering tree is a fan favorite of many. With disease resistant qualities and a lover of well drained but wet soils. Animals will flock to your yard for the yummy fruits it provides for them. Makes for an all-around sun loving, landscape statement piece.


Known for its abundant white flowers in spring, the Spring Snow Crabapple is still a sun loving well drained soil thriving option. Without the fruit that can be a hassle to handle for some. The leaves will turn yellow in the fall for a vibrant accent piece to your yard.


For a lighter pink bloom, you might want to try Brandywine. If you are a pet’s free household this tree is for you! As it can be toxic to pets. This tree once established, is very drought resistant and requires little to no pruning.


A tree known for adapting to different soil types including some clay, the Chanticleer pear has a astonishing white flower in the spring. With growing fruit that almost never falls it is a wonderful wildlife attraction that will have you amazed at the changes it makes during all seasons.


Almost identical to a chanticleer these white flowering beauties grow in a more compact oval shape and produce the most comforting aroma. It loves sun and will leave you starring at its gorgeous leaf shape for hours.


If you want a contrast of color look no further than a dogwood tree. Giving you a white bloom with red accent fruit. In fall this art piece gives a red blaze of beauty.

I personally have one of these flowering beauties in my yard. Here is a photo from last year of the spring blooms.

Come in today to see the flowering tree selection we have, so you too can start enjoying one of your own with spring blooms.

The Sprucery Garden Center is best tree nursery and garden center in Parker, Elizabeth, Castlerock, Castle Pines, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, and Denver.

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