Soil Selection

Soil Selection

Soil Selection

By Taylor Crawford

The Sprucery is the only full-service garden center in Colorado with a large evergreen selection, 12,000 plus trees, over 200 years of industry experience, and the ability to go from digital design to install landscaping for your outdoor space. Therefore, come visit the best tree nursery and garden center in the Parker, Franktown, Elizabeth, and Castle Rock Colorado area. You will be able to learn, grow, and admire your garden space with the right soil selection.


The right soil for your specific plant is very important. No soil is treated equal. You may find houseplants potted in a specific soil upon purchase. This doesn’t mean that it is the best soil for this plant. It is important to do your own research to aid in the health and longevity of your particular species.  Additionally, by doing your own research, you will find the right plant for the right place in your home.  We can help you with any questions you may have regarding placement in your home and the level of care you require of a plant.


Questions to ask yourself before choosing the right soil are:

  • Where does my specific plant originate?
  • Can I closely replicate a soil that this plant prefers?
  • Does the plant require a lot of water or very little?
  • Am I willing to put in a certain level of care and effort for this plant?


Soil can consist of many different components. Some are very specific to a type of plant or very general purpose. General purpose mixes will work for most plant varieties, but may not prove to be optimum for some species. For instance, we wouldn’t recommend growing an orchid in a general-purpose mix due to their very unique root system and susceptibility to root rot. They typically need a very loose mix. The orchid soil consists of bark or sphagnum moss. It is important to know the plant you are dealing with and where it originates in the wild. This will help you in soil selection.


If you know your plant and where it originates, you can build your own soil with the components we have provided. Species that live in arid environments, grow as epiphytes, or have fleshy foliage will usually have a soil that consists mostly of loose or airy components such as sphagnum moss, bark, lava rack, sand or perlite. Plants that are tropical and grow in humid environments like in rain forests will have a soil mostly composed of peat to retain more water.


If we are able to put in the time and effort to provide a plant with the minimum amount of care it needs to survive and thrive based on our home requirements and preferences, the plant will reward us in its health and characteristics for many years to come. We want our houseplants to thrive in the home space we provide. Many of a plant’s ailments stem from the roots. If we provide the right soil, it is one less thing we can worry about regarding plant health. The right soil will bring the plant to optimum water and oxygen exchange rates to give us the healthiest root system we can provide in the home environment. Healthy roots provide healthy shoots, and the rewards are endless.

Come in today to see the soil selection we have, so you too can ensure your plants have the right soil to grow.

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