Pot Sizing for House Plants

Pot Sizing

Pot Sizing for House Plants

By Taylor Crawford – Pot Sizing

The Sprucery Garden Center is in Franktown, CO, and we have helped gardeners create their dream landscapes for more than 16 years. Why? Because we love plants and trees as much as you do. Therefore, come visit the best tree nursery and garden center in the Parker, Franktown, Elizabeth, and Castle Rock Colorado area. You will be able to learn, grow, and admire your garden space. Let’s start by getting the right pot sizing for your house plants.


There is a science to pot sizing. It is important to the health of your plant to size the pot correctly. Too large a pot can lead to root rot if a plant’s root system isn’t able to sustain the soil mass present while too small a pot can lead to an increase in the frequency of waterings and repotting in a given time period. This in turn leads to more maintenance than necessary.


Repotting is important for the health and longevity of the plant. It allows the root mass of the plant to grow larger so that it can collect more nutrients for the foliage mass above. It is beneficial to replace the soil for better water retention and percolation to the root system. This helps with the balance of the water to oxygen exchange in the root system when the correct soil is used. When repotting, do not choose a pot more 3” in diameter larger than its present pot. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but this is a general rule of thumb for most potted plants.

Terracotta / Glazed / Plastic

With over 15 years of expertise serving the Parker, Castle Rock, and Franktown regions, The Sprucery boasts 12,000+trees (including a large evergreen selection) and the ability to design, install, and maintain landscaping, The Sprucery Garden Center has always been so much more than a full-service tree nursery.

After visiting The Sprucery Garden Center and experiencing what they have to offer, you will have learned something new and be able to grow your favorite trees, shrubs, and flowers. Subsequently, this results in an outdoor space you can truly admire. Also to follow their journey join on Instagram at www.instagram.com/thesprucerygardencenter or the website here. Other blogs can be found here.

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