For Immediate Release – Certified Wildlife Habitat

For Immediate Release – Certified Wildlife Habitat

Certified Wildlife Habitat

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Franktown, CO, June 1, 2023 — Franktown’s The Sprucery Garden Center formalized their efforts to the local environment by becoming a Certified Wildlife Habitat under the National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Garden For Wildlife program. A Certified Wildlife Habitat Garden is also part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, a national effort to create a million gardens that provide habitat for declining pollinator insects, like butterflies and bees. The Leadership Team at the garden center believes this is an important designation since wildlife habitat gardens are a haven for local birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. Consequently, this view is tied closely to:

  • We are plant people.
  • We are learners and teachers.
  • We have fun.
  • We operate with trust.
  • Serving our customers.
  • Having quality plant material.
  • Creating spaces and experiences.
  • Being outdoors.

In our businesses for both The Sprucery Garden Center and The Sprucery Scapes, we help people create their outdoor paradise whether it is with some flowers and trees or a complete landscape design. Your garden space is not only for you to enjoy, but vital for the local wildlife as well. Moreover, The Sprucery Garden Center is also going to become a beehive host this summer as well to further connect with the expansion of pollinators in the region.


“Over the last 40 years, more than 200,000 wildlife gardeners have joined NWF’s Garden for Wildlife movement and these individuals have helped restore wildlife habitat right in their own yards and neighborhoods,” said David Mizejewski, naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation. “Whether you garden in a suburban yard, an apartment balcony or a 10-acre farm, a schoolyard or a business park, everyone can create a home for local wildlife. Turning your space into a Certified Wildlife Habitat is fun, easy and makes a real difference for neighborhood wildlife,” he added.

Creating a wildlife habitat garden to further attract birds, butterflies, and other neighborhood wildlife is fun, rewarding, and has an impact on the wildlife population in your area. As a result, the requirements to become a certified wildlife habitat include:


Native plants provide food eaten by a variety of wildlife. Feeders can supplement natural food sources.


All animals need water to survive, and some need it for bathing or breeding as well.


Wildlife need places to take shelter from bad weather and places to hide from predators or hunt for prey.


Wildlife need resources to reproduce, and to protect and nourish their young.


Therefore, maintain your yard or garden in natural ways to ensure soil, air, and water stay healthy and clean.

With over 15 years of expertise serving the Parker, Castle Rock, and Franktown regions, The Sprucery boasts 12,000+trees (including a large evergreen selection) and the ability to design, install, and maintain landscaping, The Sprucery Garden Center has always been so much more than a full-service tree nursery. Now we are a Certified Wildlife Habitat too.

After visiting The Sprucery Garden Center and experiencing what they have to offer, you will have learned something new and be able to grow your favorite trees, shrubs, and flowers. Subsequently, this results in an outdoor space you can truly admire. Also to follow their journey join on Instagram at or the website here.

To learn more about becoming your own Certified Wildlife Habitat visit National Wildlife Foundation here.


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