For Immediate Release – Butterfly Release

For Immediate Release – Butterfly Release

Butterfly Release
The Sprucery Garden Center

Emily Briggs, Marketing and Events Planner, The Sprucery, 720-583-8119, [email protected][email protected]


Franktown, CO, September 27, 2023 – Building on The Sprucery’s work with native flowers and being a beehive host, the team had an afternoon of releasing butterflies. With our first butterfly release event the team shared over 50 Painted Lady Butterflies. This was one small step that The Sprucery will build off on in 2024. This effort is allowing The Sprucery to expanding the pollinators reach along Cherry Creek with flowers, events, and education.

Why was this done? Firstly, as one of the largest garden centers in Colorado and our acknowledgment of the importance of pollinators in the environment, we want to be an example of what is possible. Therefore, fostering a strong pollinator population within the Denver area is important for several reasons. Pollinators are essential to maintaining healthy ecosystems. Chiefly, they pollinate one third of the world’s crops, stabilize soils, and support clean air and other wildlife.

Moreover, our philosophy at The Sprucery Garden Center is Learn, Grow, and Admire. We want to utilize this effort to teach our staff and the community about pollinators. Having a thriving mix of pollinators support the pollination and growth of our plant material. This will allow our customers to enjoy and admire their products in their home due to the start they get in our pollinator supported nursery.

The Sprucery has over 20 acres with trees, water, and flower sources; which creates the prefect habitat to feed, protect, and host a bee colony. This season, we have created several types of pollinator flower beds and gardens for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other insects. In addition, some wildflower seeds have even been spread freely in parts of the nursery. Bringing butterflies and bees to The Garden Center will be beneficial to not only our growing process, but the entire ecosystem we have created here at The Sprucery.

What is next? We will expand our butterfly release in the late summer. We are also planning our first Lady Bug release May as well. There will be more information regarding this event as we near the date.

As a result, the garden center is so much more than a full-service nursery. It is a destination. We have 20 acres for you to explore, a one of a kind 200-foot waterfall, immersive landscape displays, and a selection of plant material you won’t find elsewhere. We’re located in the Franktown area and have helped gardeners create their dream landscapes for more than 15 years. Why? Because we love plants and trees as much as you do. Therefore, come visit the best tree nursery and garden center in the Parker, Franktown, Elizabeth, and Castle Rock Colorado area. You will be able to learn, grow, and admire your garden space. To follow our journey join us on Instagram at


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