For Immediate Release – Customer Experience Education

For Immediate Release – Customer Experience Education

The Sprucery Garden Center

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Franktown, CO, June 1, 2023 — Franktown’s The Sprucery CEO, Greg Zabikow, has been invited to be a member of the Advisory Committee for the Customer Experience Certificate Program at the University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business. In this role Zabikow, will be responsible for:

  • Preserving and enhancing the reputation and quality of the program through strategic review of our credit and noncredit offerings to the community, as well as helping to build our value to the business community.
  • Offering expert guidance to our faculty and students through occasional classroom visits, forums and conferences, and input on our programs.
  • Promoting the program’s goal of linking industry with academia to help ensure our work is relevant and benefits the business community.


Zabikow stated, “I have enjoyed business learning and development over the last 25 plus years. This has been in attending formal classroom settings, completing executive leadership development programs, conducting conversations with many mentors, experiencing business in different countries, and working in diverse industries. Therefore, an opportunity to partner with the University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business to share this experience with others while learning more about delivering a high-quality customer experience is an exciting honor. I look forward to working with the Advisory Committee Members, University, and students.”

Having over 20 years of financial, operational, and international experience across seven different industries. As a result, these roles have provided Zabikow a strong understanding of how to deliver a positive customer experience. He is thrilled to be sharing business insight with the students at University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business.


Moreover, Greg Zabikow joined The Sprucery in November of 2022 and is building on the original foundation. He is excited to bring change and a new customer-centered focus to support the growing retail and wholesale needs in the area. Furthermore, this spring, Zabikow rounded out the leadership and operational team with experts in marketing, sales, retail management, financial reporting, purchasing, and landscape design, to enhance the business. “I believe having the right team is critical in moving a business from here to there.”


With over 15 years of expertise serving the Parker, Castle Rock, and Franktown regions, The Sprucery boasts 12,000+trees (including a large evergreen selection) and the ability to design, install, and maintain landscaping, The Sprucery Garden Center has always been so much more than a full-service tree nursery.


Therefore, with experts on landscape and native plant material, Zabikow has created a new dynamic team who can inspire, design, and create your dream landscape. From full-color digital design to installation, The Sprucery Scapes team can provide you with a full landscape renovation experience.


Simultaneously, Zabikow and the Sprucery Garden Center team have completely renovated the indoor retail space, now offering house plants and retail items specifically for Gardeners. The Garden Center will also be hosting events and sharing the lush experience of the garden pad, to showcase a destination space you’ll want to revisit.

Therefore, after visiting The Sprucery Garden Center and experiencing what they now have to offer, you will have learned something new and be able to grow your favorite trees, shrubs, and flowers. Finally, this results in an outdoor space you can truly admire. To follow their journey join on Instagram at


You can learn more about the Customer Experience Certificate Program at the University of Colorado Boulder, Leeds School of Business here.

Leeds School of Business

Customer Experience Certificate Program


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