Austrian Pine

Austrian PineAustrian Pine Pinus nigra

This is a great choice if you are looking for a evergreen tree in Colorado.  The Austrian pine is one of the most adapted pines.  It is much like the Ponderosa pine but it is a more vigorous and dense grower.  This tree will also remain full at the bottom of the tree better than a Ponderosa.  The pyramidal growth makes it an excellent choice for windbreaks or screening.  Once it is established, it can endure drought conditions and keep its beauty and shape.   The needles are dark green.  The Austrian has long needles, 2 per bundle.  It can tolerate heat and cold as well as over watering, transplanting, and planting in newly sodded areas.  Do not plant it above 7,500 feet.  The Austrian will mature at 50′ and 20′ wide.