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Magnolia (Saucer) M. x soulangeana Large saucer-shaped creamy white blooms in the spring are followed by dark green leaves.  This plant is a great addition to any garden or landscape.  The max elevation recommended is 6,000.  The plant can grow … Continue reading

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Green Giant Arborvitae

Green Giant Arborvitae Thuja x plicata This is a fast growing tree that responds well to shearing and can take heavy snow loads.  The Arborvitae is a great specimen tree and works well for screening when space is limited.  This … Continue reading

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Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple Acer palmatum This is an amazing tree!  This tree can be planted in the ground or put in a pot.  This tree needs protection in the winter.  Some people take this tree inside for the winter.  Do not … Continue reading

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Marshall Ash

Marshall Ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica This ash tree is great planted in your turf or near the street.  It has a symmetrical round shape.  Not recommended in elevation higher than 6,000 feet.  The tree will mature at 50′ tall and 35′ … Continue reading

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Coral Bells

Coral Bells Heuchera Fancy Coral Bells are best when planted in part to full shade. They have white flowers and foliage that varies depending on the species. Citronella – Lime green foliage, Georgia Peach – Peach foliage maturing to caramel, … Continue reading

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Fountain Grass

Fountain Grass Pennisetum alopecuroides This grass makes a nice statement especially when it is back lit by the sun, making it resemble a sparkling fountain.  This grass emerges early in the spring.  Tan colored flower heads with pink, maroon, tones … Continue reading

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Miniature Rose

Miniature Rose Rosa Available in a rainbow of colors, miniature roses feature tiny pointed buds, fully formed blooms, delicate foliage, and a compact growth habit. Also known as Mini rose, mini-flora rose, these roses bloom form Mid-May to frost and … Continue reading

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Euonymus (Emerald Gaiety) E. fortune ‘Emerald Gaiety’. With dense branching and white margin on rich green, rounded leaves, this evergreen is small and erect.   Do not plant it above 6,000 feet.  They can grow to be 3’ high and 5’ … Continue reading

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Broom (Scotch) Cytisus scoparius The unique linear leaves of the Scotch Broom give this shrub a leafless appearance, and the adaptation allows it to withstand windy, dry conditions. With bright, pea like, golden-yellow that bloom profusely this shrub creates a … Continue reading

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Limber Pine

Limber Pine (Vanderwolf) Pinus flexilis This is a medium sized tree that can fit into tight spaces.  The mature height is 45′ tall and 30′ wide.  As this tree matures, it develops real character and creates a stunning silhouette with … Continue reading

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