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Goldflame Spirea

Goldflame Spirea S. japonica The leaves of this spirea are golden in the spring and turn to a orange color in the fall.  The plant has small flowers in the summer.  Do not plant it over 8,500 feet.  This shrub … Continue reading

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Autumn Brilliance

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Amelanchier x grandiflora This is a very popular ornamental tree.  The tree is known for its consistent white flowers  in early spring.  Birds love the small berries.  The orange-red fall color is also very vibrant.   This tree … Continue reading

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Cleveland Select Pear

Cleveland Select Pear Pyrus calleryana This is one of the most common and popular ornamental trees in Colorado.  This tree sports white flowers followed by glossy green foliage.  The leaves turn brilliant orange-red in the fall.  This tree has thick … Continue reading

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Northern Red Oak

Matthieu Sontag, CC-BY-SA 3.0 Northern Red Oak Quercus rubra This is one of the few fast growing oaks with broad spreading branches and a round crown.  The leaves turn red, then brown and orange in the fall.  These trees grow … Continue reading

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Red Hot Poker

Red Hot Poker Kniphofia uvaria This plant has long grass-like foliage and long poker-shaped flowers of orange, yellow, or red in early June to August. Do not plant it above 8,000 feet.  They can grow to be 24-30” high and … Continue reading

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Sneezeweed Helenium autumnale Also known as Helen’s flower, this flower lights up the flower boarder. Daisy-like flowers bloom in colors of yellow or orange-red.  They can grow to be 3-5’high and 24” wide.

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Oriental Poppy

Oriental Poppy Papaver orientale The Oriental Poppy blooms in the Late Spring to Early Summer of Red, Pink, Orange, or White and having green foliage. This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds.  They can grow to be 24-36” … Continue reading

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Daylily Hemerocallis hybrids This is an evergreen perennial forming a clump of slender, arching leaves. They bloom from July through August in blooms of orange, yellow, red, pink, maroon, lavender, or bi-color.  Do not plant above 8,500 feet.  They can … Continue reading

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Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed Asclepias tuberosa Once established, this plant is easy to care for and adorn a splash of bright orange, butterfly weed brightens the perennial garden in the summer. They bloom between June and July with bloom of orange, red, … Continue reading

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Zinnia Zinnia spp. True to their Mexican origin, these rugged and durable annuals are perfect for a water-thrifty flower garden. Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds love the bright showy blossoms that come in various colors and forms ranging from red, orange, … Continue reading

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