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Weigela (Fine wine) Weigela florida This is a dwarf version of the Wine and Roses.  It is smaller, more hardy, and has darker leaves.  It will attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  Do not plant this shrub over 7,000 feet.  It will … Continue reading

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Rabbitbrush Chrysothamnus nauseosus This is a hardy native plant that has thin, silver leaves with yellow flowers that bloom in the autumn.  The Rabbitbrush is very unique.  Do not plant it higher than 9,500 feet.  It will reach 2′ high … Continue reading

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Sand Cherry

Sand Cherry (Western) Prunus besseyi This is a hardy plant that is known for its amazing white flowers that cover the entire plant in the month of May.  The silver-green leaves will turn a copper color in fall and small … Continue reading

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Green Giant Arborvitae

Green Giant Arborvitae Thuja x plicata This is a fast growing tree that responds well to shearing and can take heavy snow loads.  The Arborvitae is a great specimen tree and works well for screening when space is limited.  This … Continue reading

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Northern Red Oak

Matthieu Sontag, CC-BY-SA 3.0 Northern Red Oak Quercus rubra This is one of the few fast growing oaks with broad spreading branches and a round crown.  The leaves turn red, then brown and orange in the fall.  These trees grow … Continue reading

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Silver Maple

Silver Maple Acer saccharinum This tree is fast growing and can reach 100′ tall and 60′ wide.  The silver maple is very hardy.  The leaves are are silvery with white underneath.  Do not plant this tree above 8,000 feet.

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Red Sunset Maple

Red Sunset Maple Acer rubrum This tree is dense with red fall foliage lasting longer than most other varieties.  It is okay to plant this tree in acidic soil.  Do not plant this tree if you are over 8,500 feet.  … Continue reading

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Patmore Green Ash

Patmore Green Ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica This tree is seedless and is known for its hardiness and tolerance of widely differing growing conditions.  This tree has well spaced branches.  Not recommended in elevation higher than 8,500 feet.  The green ash tree … Continue reading

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Snow in Summer

Snow in Summer Cerastium tomentosum This hardy ground cover holds it’s color throughout the winter. With foliage of silver-gray and flowers of white, this perennial shows best during the months of May-June  Do not plant it above 10,000 feet.  They … Continue reading

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Blanket Flower

Blanket Flower Gaillardia X grandiflora Gaillardia is a hardy plant able to withstand the heat and dryness of summer. Their bright and dazzling daisy like flowers offer a mixture of reds and yellows. They bloom in June through September in … Continue reading

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