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Weigela (Fine wine) Weigela florida This is a dwarf version of the Wine and Roses.  It is smaller, more hardy, and has darker leaves.  It will attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  Do not plant this shrub over 7,000 feet.  It will … Continue reading

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Juniper Rocky Mountain Juniper 

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Fir Concolor Fir Douglas Fir 

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Spruce Colorado Spruce 

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Pine Austrian Pine Bosnian Pine Bristlecone Pine Limber Pine Pinyon Pine 

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Bosnian Pine

Bosnian Pine Pinus heldreichii var. leucodermis This tree is very popular in Europe but works well in Colorado up to 8,000 feet.  This tree is very slow growing (3-6″ per year).  The dark green needles may stay on the tree … Continue reading

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Green Giant Arborvitae

Green Giant Arborvitae Thuja x plicata This is a fast growing tree that responds well to shearing and can take heavy snow loads.  The Arborvitae is a great specimen tree and works well for screening when space is limited.  This … Continue reading

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Yew Taxus X media Placed in shady areas of the landscape, Yews are among the most attractive evergreens. Grown best in protection from winter sun and wind, these shrubs boast a handsome dark-green needle structure.  They can grow to be … Continue reading

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Firethorn Pyracantha coccinea This desirable broadleaf evergreen shrub features showy white blooms in the spring and bright-red to orange fruit in autumn. It may attract birds. The lustrous dark-green leaves make it a desirable shrub as an informal hedge, barrier … Continue reading

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Oregon Grape

Oregon Grape Mahonia aquifolium Oregon grape is one of the few, upright-growing and broad leaf evergreen shrubs. It’s glossy, leathery leaves are highlighted by bright-yellow flowers in May , followed by clusters of deep-blue berries in late summer.  They can … Continue reading

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