The Sprucery is not your garden-variety nursery. We stock plants and trees that we love to grow. It’s that simple.

Deciduous trees

Deciduous Trees

Pick from a huge selection of trees that do more than cast shade in the summer.


Evergreen Trees

Add year-long color with evergreen trees that love growing in Colorado.

Upright Juniper

Upright Junipers

Go vertical with tall trees that stand out during any season.

Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

We stock a variety of options for springtime blooms and summer harvests.


Broadleaf/Evergreen Shrubs

From sun to shade varieties, we’ve got plenty of options that provide appeal all year.

Deciduous Shrubs

Deciduous Shrubs

These plants are a great way to fill gardens and add height to an area.



Think beyond turf with ornamental grasses and low-water varieties.



Year-after-year, perennials will bring color and intrigue to your garden.

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And Much More

Not seeing something you want? Visit or contact us for all your plant needs.